The man made my life pure hell in high school.

But that was years ago. And we’re both all grown up now.

He’s hotter than sin and has a smile that leaves me and my friends panting for his attention.

It’s spring break and I need time with the girls on the beach. Florida should do the trick.

Never in a million years did I expect Hudson Philips to be there.

Memories of him bullying and teasing me mercilessly roll through me in waves, but we’re not kids anymore, and those aren’t the only waves he’s making.

He’s damned determined to get back into my good graces, and he’s working every angle possible to make sure it happens.

As hard as I try to deny him, he quickly becomes the only thing I can think about.

But the minute I let down my guard, he puts his up again. He’s not looking for a long-term love affair.

I wish he were, but for now, I simply want him to touch me again.