Water, waves, and women.

That’s my focus for my time at Pro-U. As it should be for a guy who looks like me.

Unfortunately, I failed English the semester before and now I’m scrambling to keep my spot on the swim team and on the campus.

The last place I expected to find help was from a hot goodie-goodie on the girls’ team.

I mean, good girls are good for Sunday mornings and taking home to Mom, but it’s the bad girls that keep the sheets warm.

I’m hoping to stay right on the surface with this pretty girl, and before I know it, she’s diving her way down into my heart.

Taking up my thoughts and filling my head with the crazy notion of wanting to heal her wounds and make up for the jacked-up past she’s lived through.

Love isn’t for me. It’s too messy. Too complicated.

I like still, smooth waters, but this girl ain’t having it. She’s living up my life with her smile and soft touch.

She’s doing what the bad girls do but I somehow failed to notice it until I started to drown in wanting her:

Always making waves.