Her willingness to blackmail me into her bed is shocking.

But I can’t help myself.

I’ve worked my face off to make a name for myself in the architect world, and finally it’s landed me the perfect job—teaching at my local university.

Not a day goes by when a student doesn’t flirt and try their hand at winning my heart, if only for a night.

But I know the rules, and I follow them closely. No way in hell I’m giving up this sweet gig.

My newest student has stolen my attention and has me thinking things I should never think.

And her flirting goes to a new level. She’s defiant, dark, and not afraid of a little blackmail to get what she wants.

The young woman is beyond beautiful and everything I fantasize about, but I have a secret I want to keep hidden.

Unfortunately for me, she knows it and is more than happy to use it to get what she wants most—me.

What started out as a one-time payment turns into a burning need neither of us can ignore.

I just hope this girl is the type that doesn’t kiss and tell.

Otherwise, I’m ruined.