Once the fat kid, but now a personal trainer.

I took all of that crap from the past and turned it into a goldmine.

My body, namely.

And there’s one girl I want that rejected me over and over.

Lucky for me, the beauty is on the heels of a terrible breakup.

Yes. I mean, aww…

Her parents are pushing her to go to the gym to lose some weight. Boy, do I know how that feels. And guess who’s waiting for her when she gets there?

That’s right. Me. The forever friend-zoned guy.

But I have no ill will toward my curvy first love.

I only want what’s best for her. Namely, me. *wink*

So the game begins, and I’m lucky to be in the coach’s shoes this time.

She has no clue who I am, but sparks fly high.

No way in hell I’m telling her I’m the guy she remembered rejecting.

‘Cause I’m not out for revenge. I just want what I’ve always wanted…